Power Transformer

Power Transformers Supplier

Power transformer manufacturing has been the business of G-GA Company since it was founded. From the beginning, we have been dedicated to understanding its customers’ needs and delivering them consistently. The reliability of our power transformer series is legendary and we guard this reputation fiercely.

EI Series Power Transformer

EI Series Power Transformer with 110/220V AC Input Voltage

High Frequency Telecommunication Transformer

High Frequency Telecommunication Transformer Avaialble
EP SMD High Frequency Telecommunication Transformer
Avaialble with Different Specifications

Power Inductor

Custom Choke Coil

OEM Choke Coil with Wide Frequency Range, Assorted Sizes are Available

Air Coil Inductor

Air Coil Inductor with Up to 1 GHz Frequency

DC/AC Inverter Transformers

High Voltage SMD Type DC/AC CCFL Inverter Transformer with 35 to 105kHz Frequency Range

AC Adaptor

AC Adapter

AC Adapter with 16V Output Voltage, Measuring 110 x 49.4 x 29.3mm

Wall-Mounted AC/DC Switching Adapters

Wall-Mounted AC/DC Switching Adapters with UL/SAA Approval (Europe/mainland China)

High-frequency Transformer

High-Frequency Power Transformer

Linear Power Supply