• Power Inductor

Power Inductor

Model : pic-3-12

G-Ga is the leading manufacturer specializes in inductor products. We offer a variety of standard and custom products. With years of experiences in inductor design with global support capability, we are highly recommented. 

Our customers are mainly from Germany, USA, Australia, Finland, Turkey, ....

  • Power line choke coils
  • Axial leaded power inductor
  • Radial leaded power line inductor chokes
  • UL-polyolefin shrinking tubing leaded inductor
  • Leaded inductor with ferrite core
  • High-current leaded inductor
  • High-reliability leaded inductor
  • Low-resistance leaded inductor
  • Series inductance value up to 500mH
  • AC line filters
  • Air core coil
  • Common mode choke coils
  • Radial choke inductors
  • Shielded radial choke
  • Toroidal coil
  • Ferrite beads
  • Wide band chokes
  • Axial lead fixed inductors

. Small, medium and large quantities available

. best quality