High-Frequency Power Transformer

Model : pic-3-02

Our entire range of high-frequency power transformer is the result of our manufacturing, which makes us unique in the industry. This has given us rich experiences in power transformer technology. Customers worldwide can securely rely on the quality of our high-frequency power transformers.
  • Dimensions in mm (inches): A, B, C ±0.5, D ±0.5, E, F, type
  • Type: horizontal type (H) , vertical type (V)
  • EF-12.6: terminal pins=6, A=16, B=10, C=7.6 ±0.5, D=4 ±0.5, E=3.8, F=14.4, type=V
  • EF-12.6: terminal pins=10, A=9.5, B=17.7, C=10.9 ±0.5, D=4 ±0.5, E=2.5, F=13.2, type=H
  • EF-12.6: terminal pins=6, A=18.5, B=11.5, C=7.5 ±0.5, D=4 ±0.5, E=3.75, F=16.2, type=V
  • EF-16: terminal pins=14, A=13.5, B=19, C=15.24 ±0.5, D=4 ±0.5, E=2.54, F=16.9, type=H
  • F-12.6: terminal pins=6, A=21, B=13, C=10 ±0.5, D=4 ±0.5, E=5.08, F=20, type=V
  • EF-20: terminal pins=10, A=16.6, B=21.2, C=15.24 ±0.5, D=4 ±0.5, E=3.8, F=22, type=H
  • EF-25: terminal pins=6, A=26, B=17.1, C=12.5 ±0.5, D=4 ±0.5, E=5, F=25, Type=V
  • EF-25: terminal pins=10, A=27.5, B=19.4, C=12.7 ±0.5, D=4 ±0.5, E=5, F=25, type=V
  • EF-25: terminal pins=8, A=20, B=26, C=20 ±0.5, D=4 ±0.5, E=5, F=25.1, type=H

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