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Power Inductor Manufacturer

G-GA Company is the leading manufacturer specializes in inductor products. We offer a variety of standard and custom products. With years of experiences in inductor design with global support capability, we are highly suggested.

Inductor Inductor
Product Specifications:

  • large current DR core power line choke coils
  • Axial leaded power inductor
  • Radial leaded power line inductor chokes
  • UL-polyolefin shrinking tubing leaded inductor
  • Leaded inductor with ferrite core
  • High-current leaded inductor
  • High-reliability leaded inductor
  • Low-resistance leaded inductor
  • Series inductance value up to 500mH
  • AC line filters
  • Air core coil
  • Common mode choke coils
  • Radial choke inductors
  • Shielded radial choke
  • Toroidal coil
  • Ferrite beads
  • Wide band chokes
  • Axial lead fixed inductors
  • Small, medium and large quantities available

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